Metal Detector Dealer Info

Metal Detector Dealer : K. Vardaka (Athens)
Country : Greece
Address : P. Faliro Athens
Phone : +30 21 098 44563

Brands for sale

Approximate prices

Goanna Gold Detectors offers products with prices ranging between 500 to 10000 USD

Type of Sale

These can be listed as follows: Treasure : Mineral, Coin, Imaging
Gold : Nugget
Single Coin : Metallic coins, gold, silver and bronze coins
Security : Gate Detectors, Body Scanners, X-Ray Imaging Systems, Vehicle underbody imaging systems.
Industrial : Detectors used in food, textile, and plastics industries.
Technical : Detectors used for construction, road building, as well as finding water leaks, cable-pipe, and manholes
Military-Ballistic : Mine and bomb detectors, forensic detectors, detectors used to find bullets and manholes

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